Enjoy the Sights and Sounds of Bucharest

There are many creative ways to experience a city like Bucharest. There are busy streets that offer views of modern life here now. You will also discover historic areas and sites in other portions of the city. Tourists often choose car rental Bucharest services to book a vehicle for their trips. This mode of transportation allows you to explore the area in your leisure time.

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Families traveling in the city don’t have to worry about public transportation or taxi rides. They will have the opportunity to drives to spots that interest them. The sights and sounds of every city can be found throughout its area. There are attractions that are popular because of their history. Along with these are restaurants that present cuisine central to this part of the world. Exploring is the key to your trip.

Historic Sites and Landmarks

Known for its tree-lined streets this beautiful city is nestled in southern Romania. It offers amazing historic sites and landmarks to visitors. The Arch of Triumph is one example of these that is known around the world. Other cities in locations, such as Paris and New York have similar structures. Another must-see site is the Royal Palace with its long line of history and purpose in the city.

Examples of Architecture

Cities, such as Bucharest present tourists with architecture that is unique. These are structures central to this part of the world. When you reserve a car rental bucharest location, you will be able to see more of the city. The Romanian Athenaeum is one example in this category to consider. It offers the beauty of interior and exterior designs that literally take your breath away.

Dining and Accommodations

It is important to find the best amenities if you’re spending time in a city. You will find great spots to dine in this location. The Beer Wagon Restaurant, which opened in 1879, is known for its authentic cuisine. This is the place to come to same fare and beer selections. Manuc’s Inn is a popular stop for great accommodations. It offers a restaurant, wine cellar and pastry shop to visitors.

Modern Offerings

Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may have a lot of time to explore the area. There are older more historic locations here, as well as, modern offerings. University Square and the University of Bucharest are two areas to visit. They showcase everyday life in a contemporary area. Parliament Palace is another example of a historic structure that is being utilized for modern operations.

Driving throughout any city allows you to fully explore it. You see things that you would possibly miss on a guided tour. Rental cars provide you with the opportunity to stay and experience the city. Couples enjoy the romantic beauty of this area. Families love the chance to learn and have fun at the same time. You can reserve rental cars of different shapes, sizes and models for your stay in this fabulous city.