You’ll need an account before you get 50 Instagram likes

You’ll get these likes soon enough, just be patient. But first you’ll need to set up your Instagram account. This will only take a few minutes. Most of you reading this are already on facebook, so you’re off to a good start. If you don’t have a facebook account at this time, well then, you’d better get moving. This too, only takes a few minutes. Right, back to your first Instagram account. Not many details are needed for you to fill out. You’ll need to give the service provider your email address details and then there’s your facebook account details.

See how quick and easy all of this is.

Didn’t take you long, now did it. Now you need to do this. Think of a really great and unique user name for your Instagram account because this username will also be your profile name. This is what Instagram users are going to be seeing when they view the splendid photos you’ve uploaded to your Instagram account. Whether you’re doing this purely for personal reasons or for promotional gain in the business sense, getting online visitors to notice you this early in the game is going to be quite a challenge. We can’t tell how many Instagram account holders are out there right now. There’s just so many, catching up to facebook account holders, but maybe not quite that could still take a while.

50 Instagram likes

Anyway, you can jump the queue this early simply enough by purchasing no less than 50 Instagram likes, and there you go, fifty folks already like you. Pretty neat, huh? And someone out there said that this was going to be hard. Actually, choice words were used at the time, but we’re not going there. Kids might be reading this note.

Now that you’ve got your first batch of Instagram likes all sorted, you can carry on working on your account. You need to move quickly because it’s going to look really awkward or even suspicious to some users out there. It shouldn’t take you long, because there’s only so many characters you can use in the space provided for your Instagram profile. And now you can start uploading. This shouldn’t be too hard because many of you have already been doing this.

A day or two later, you noticed something else awkward. To think; after all the time and trouble you took over your photos and Instagram presentation. Not your fault, guys. Like we said earlier, you’re using one of the busiest social media networks on earth. And that’s going to be okay because what you do is just go back to buying more Instagram likes. See? Easy, no. Another 50, or what the heck, buy another 100 Instagram likes. And when they’ve been loaded to your account, it looks even more neat, doesn’t it.

Now leave this in the hands of the social media gods and let human nature take its curious toll.