3 Best Truck Tent Campers on the Market

So you want to travel the country, but the thought of paying for all those hotel rooms is holding you back.  If you own a truck, you don’t need to worry about paying for a hotel room anymore.  A truck tent camper could be the answer to your prayers and the catalyst that finally gets your dream of touring the country into reality.

Unlike camping, you don’t need to find a campsite – you can just park at a rest stop and pop up your truck tent camper.  They can be assembled in minutes.  With the added luxury of being off the ground and away from the cold, these revolutionary tents are taking the world by storm. 

Here are just a few of the best ones on the market.

1.    NAPIER Backroadz

This tent will fit your full size truck bed and comes with some pretty impressive features that’ll keep you comfortable all night long.  There is a sewn-in floor that will protect you from the cold metal of your truck bed.  It’s a lightweight tent that is easily foldable and can be stored in the cab of your truck. 

It’s also pretty roomy.  The roof tops out at 5’5.  This camper comes with four shock-corded fiberglass poles that’ll make setup a breeze.  There is a handy flap that’ll give you access to your cab.  That way you can plug into your car’s power system and listen to the radio, charge your phone, or turn on the light that comes with the camper.

2.    Rightline Gear

This one is the quickest on the market in terms of setup.  It will fit your standard size truck bed.  It has a floorless design, which means you don’t have to clean out the bed of your truck before setting up this bad boy.  Color coded poles and pockets make it even easier to install.  Even the zippers are glow in the dark.  It’s made of water resistant fabric and sealed tape so Mother Nature won’t be a problem.  It has a sky view roof which allows you to truly feel as if you’re sleeping under the stars. 

3.    Kodiak Canvas

truck tent camper

This one performed best in inclement weather.  If you’re heading out during a rainstorm, you want this camper with you.  It is hydra shielded to fit your short sized truck bed and has a unique tunnel-shaped design that gives it a special look while having a higher ceiling.  You set it up with your tailgate down, which will expand the area inside.  It is completely watertight and made of a breathable, marine-grade fabric.  You can even use your appliances inside this tent by running a power cord from your cab.

You can’t go wrong with any of these campers.  They each perform their purpose with ease.  They are durable and protect you from the elements.  Best of all, they ensure you don’t have to pay for a hotel room.  It’s time to get out on the road and get exploring this great country of ours.