Rawia Abdel-Hadi Zayed
Professor of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products

Dr. Rathnayake Mudiyanselage Dharmadasa
Development of agro technology for underutilized medicinal plants
Bioactivity of medicinal plant extracts/ secondary metabolites
Taxonomy of medicinal plants
Surveying and exploring of industrially important medicinal plants
Plant tissue culture, identification and agronomic practices of medicinal plants
Development of tissue culture protocol for medicinal and ornamental plants


Editorial Board

Dr. Darshana Patil
Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture, Ethnobotany,
Plant biochemistry, efficacy studies Dept of Botany,
Smt. C. H. M. College, Ulhasnagar

Dr. Omid Askari
Agricultural Science
Biotechnology (plant tissue culture, micropropagation, seed dormancy)
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Dr. Amit Kaur Puri
Mycology and Plant pathology

Dr. Mohd Amin Mir
Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Mosad Ahmed Ghareeb Ibrahim
Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry
Molecular Biology Department,
Theodor Bilharz Research Institute,

Anupama Singh
Department of Pharmaceutical. Science.
Extraction and Isolation, Formulation development and Herbal Drugs
Institute of Biomedical Sciences & Research,

Dr. Ursula Fabiola Rodríguez-Zúñiga
Federal University of São Carlos, Chemical Engineering Department.

Alshaimaa Hassan –Abdallah
Medicinal Chemist
Biochemistry lecturer in Djibouti Medical School
Supervising and coordinating the ethno pharmacology research
in the three labs of the Institute (Natural Product Chemistry Lab,
Microbiology Lab and Seaweed and Plant Herbarium

O. P. Verma
Assistant Professor
M Pharm (Pharmacognosy)
Faculty of Pharmacy, KNIMT Sultanpur

Dr. Ronak Savla
Pharmaceutical Science



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